TechnologyTVMK at a Glance

Achieving High-precision Machining That Accommodates a Wide Range of Products

Diamond and CBN tools from Toyoda Van Moppes (TVMK) support our customers' high-precision machining. From camshafts and crankshafts for engines and gears for automatic transmissions to bearings and aircraft, we accommodate a wide range of products in a diverse array of lineups, further enhancing your product-making.

Optimal Response to Customer Needs of Every Kind

At TVMK, to assess customer needs accurately, we make on-site visits to the your volume-production lines and conduct verification from a variety of perspectives, such as what kind of product is actually required? and can our product achieve the quality that the customer wants?, and then conduct development of the product and the materials. All of this is to provide the optimal response to your needs of every kind. We have confidence not only in our technical capabilities, but also in our ability to assess these needs.

Our Strengths: Ultra-high Precision and Ultra-high Efficiency

TVMK aims for product-making with high added value, and along with our main products – CBN vitrified wheels and rotary dressers – we have commoditized resin wheels, metal wheels, electrodeposition wheels, peripheral tools, and more. With technical and development abilities capable of achieving ultra-high precision and ultra-high efficiency as our strengths, we can work with your product-making to offer ultra-precise machining, high-speed grinding at circumferential wheel speeds of 200 m/s, accommodation of the durability needs of volume-production lines, and other solutions that surpass expectations.

Leveraging the Synergy of JTEKT and Saint-Gobain

TVMK's parent companies are machine-tool manufacturer and Toyota Group member JTEKT and Saint-Gobain, a global corporation that has established a presence in 64 countries around the world. JTEKT shares various forms of knowledge from the mutually complementary relationship between grinding machines and the diamond and CBN tools installed on them. Also, by taking full advantage of Saint-Gobain's network we are achieving steady growth in overseas markets as well, with the ratio of overseas sales accounting for over 50% of the total. Through the synergy of JTEKT and Saint-Gobain, TVMK aims to attain even greater heights.