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Aiming the contribution to manufacturing
innovation in the industrial world

Toyoda Van Moppes Ltd. was formed as a joint venture in 1975 by Toyoda Machine Works, Ltd. (present day JTEKT) and L. M. Van Moppes & Sons Ltd. (present day Saint-Gobain). For over 45 years, with the support of our many customers, we have engaged in the development, manufacturing, and sale of diamond and CBN tool products and achieved constant growth.

In addition to our flagship product, the vitrified CBN wheel, by realizing the ultra-high accuracy, ultra-high capability, and ultra-high precision of resin/metal wheels, rotary dressers, gear dressers, etc., we are proud to contribute to the monozukuri of not just Japan, but also of countries across the globe.

Not stopping at providing products, Toyoda Van Moppes exerts great effort into developing processing technology so that customers may enjoy the satisfaction of fully utilizing products, as well as a variety of services, thus increasing our contribution to customers’ manufacturing.

Furthermore, rather than being satisfied with our accomplishments to date, we will continue to aggressively pursue product development in new fields so that we may contribute to customers in a broader range of fields.

Toyoda Van Moppes is committed to the challenge of providing new values to our customers, and we hope that you will continue to offer us your invaluable support as we march forward.

Kazuo Tabuchi, CEO & President